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Jo is out having fun and poor Mary is stuck at home, getting phone calls with heavy breathing and menacing knocks on her front door. Il n'y a pour l'instant aucun commentaire client. There are many night scenes where you can barely make out anything at all. About the only complaint I have, is that it tends to jump around a lot, from one scene to another. The other story is about two preschool teacher cousins who live together.

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I feel more like I am watching individual short stories rather than pieces of the same plot with neither standing up on its own particularly well.

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Cameron Mitchell shows up to utter some stupifyingly bad lines as some else mentioned: "He's less than a man. The quality of the presentation doesn't help with everything else that is negative. Meanwhile, Cameron Mitchell is getting the most out of his ten minutes of screen time. Emily's mother just wants to know if her daughter is alive or dead.

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