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You may have noticed that both Cherie and Piper like to hold their enemas for a long time before going to the potty, just to get the most thorough cleaning-out they can, and today's no exception. Piper makes sure every last drop flows into Cherie. The girls gather in the upstairs bathroom, with Tori still bitching and moaning about the fact that she wanted to give, not to receive. Next, without Tori seeing it, Cherie brings out her high-powered electrical anal vibrator. They refill the bag to have another go at Tori. At that point, even though the bag isn't quite empty, the girls decide they'd better head for the potty before things get messier. Then, she holds it for a while before going to the potty, accompanied by Cherie.

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At one point, the backpressure becomes so great that the nozzle blows out of Tori, soaking the bed.

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And does she ever have an attitude! Cherie threatens to expose Tori's Dom tactics unless she allows her and Piper to turn the tables and give her enemas! Here come our something flower children again, only this time, Tori barges in on the action , Doms the stuffing out of Cherie and Piper, then has the tables turned on her in the end. Then, the girls decide that, since Tori has some dirt on them and they have some dirt on Tori, the best and safest idea for everyone would be to simply become friends, admit to each other that they ALL like enema play and set a time to get together for more fun before breaking up for the day.

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