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Pushing it away, saying "no," or even punishing it still means you're not ignoring it. There you are and it wants your attention. Though you may think medication should be a last resort, it's important to understand that animals cannot learn while in a high state of anxiety. Instinct: When wolves and sometimes dogs in the wild return to their pups after a meal, they regurgitate meat from the hunt. It is believed by some that this licking behavior has been passed down in the DNA, causing dogs to instinctively do it sometimes.

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Why Do Dogs Like to Lick People?

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Talk to your veterinarian about your concerns about your dog.

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The pups, too young to hunt on their own, will lick the meat from around the mother's mouth. They most definitely are not! If you want the occasional gentle kiss from your dog, you can train your dog by attaching a word or phrase such as "kiss" or "gimme sugar" to the behavior.

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