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Santa, when you're done gift-wrapping another round for a guy that should lose by TKO due to an injury, I'll need to find where Gina's going to be on X-Mas Eve this year To celebrate her return, here are 10 photos of one of Strikeforce's hottest female fighters—and don't forget that when Ms. Personally, I think it's the blue dress that brings out the girl in her, but it's the smile that has me thinking about Gina all day and all night. The other means this lovely booty shows up to your house and pummels the holy hell out of you for being bad and not having both hands on the keyboard when you looked at her on the Internet. One decision means you get this smiling Gina coming through the chimney because there's a high probability that Santa shows up in another state and wraps up another last round for a fighter that's likely going to get wrecked anyway. I need me some Crush this holiday season.

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The Conviction Is Back: 10 Photos To Celebrate the Return of Gina Carano

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If you want a girl that's got the look of a beautiful woman and yet still is able to fight as well as any male in the sport, that's Gina Carano for you.

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I'd say unless Miesha's right behind me with a pillow case loaded with bars of soap preferably Dove, better known as the " soap of the gods " , I'll take Gina over just about any female fighter in MMA any day. Moments before the Strikeforce Grand Prix began this past Saturday, it was announced that Gina would in fact be returning to the cage sometime before the end of the year. Oh, by the way, she's got a knack for crushing competitors that think they're going to crush her, hence the nickname.

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