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Nagisa and other students run into a young male florist, who earlier witnessed the old man's fall. Later, while thinking about how the students of Class E are not normal students, Terasaka , Yoshida and Muramatsu approach him about working on an assassination plan, which he agrees to do with them. He apologised to kissing her on a whim to save herself which Kayano seemingly brushes off. In the end, though, Nagisa does not pursue this path and decides to use his abilities to help others in the same way Korosensei did: teaching to a "problematic class". However, the feeling of uncertainty causes Nagisa to become overwhelmed by his emotions; before he could stab him, Korosensei calmed him down and told him to kill with a smile.

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Nagisa Shiota

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Nevertheless, Nagisa and other Class E students tailed their former classmate to ensure that he was alright and settling down comfortably.

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The students, after briefly discussing whether or not to kill Korosensei with their own hands, ultimately all decide to continue maintaining their 'bonds' as assassins and a target by lending their hands on giving him the final peace. However, he catches Karma off guard by throwing the knife filled with his bloodlust at him, causing Karma to deflect it and get caught into an arm choke hold, intending to make Karma lose unconsciousness. Instead, he surrenders and Nagisa wins the war for the blue team.

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