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I had recently began masturbating when I was alone and was for some reason really excited to show it to her. She was 4 years older than me and must have been more aware of the sexual connotations of what we were doing but she was very assertive in getting me to engage in masturbation with her not that I objected in any way. Now at this time I had no idea what sex was or any clue about masturbation, I had just discovered this amazing thing I could do that made me feel really good and decided to tell my sister about it. I found out that I really got excited very much. That of did I enjoy in masturbating myself. I twitched it up and down and sure enough it sprang to life inches from her face. So one day while I was in the bath room masturbating while on the toilet.

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But my sister never had the same level of interest in masturbating as I did.

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To that of do you know any other ways to make your penis spurt and grow larger as well as hard and stiff Which I tried to answer those questions put to me by her. I was able to get her to touch my penis and also showed her how it would grow stiff. But then I suggested she rub herself on the corner of my desk, which meant lifting herself off her feet and pressing herself against the corner. Board index All times are UTC.

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