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For some reason you expected it to be easier. He placed his hands on your hips as he pulled you on his lap. You grab the other side of the blanket and sit down next to Mingi, who in return rests his head on your shoulder, holding you tightly. He deepens the kiss as he tilts your head backwards. Mingi smiles up at you as he rests his head on your chest, still looking up at you with that dreamy look. Your heart flutters when you see him look at you like you put the stars in the sky. By the time he was fully recovered the red had faded to a soft peachy color.

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You take the hot chocolate and make your way over to his table, gently placing it down.

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You giggled at the sight before climbing on top of him and crashing your lips against his. He even had a look of what was inside of it and smirked when he saw the black laced lingerie. Looking up at the sky that was filled with stars. Can we go back to watching it now?

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  1. This girl doesn't need a life jacket on a ship.