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Ax used Hart's megaphone as a foreign object to strike Bret in the head and secure the victory. Retrieved February 3, In , Hart groomed Earthquake to be the man to beat Hulk Hogan. In , Hart took the Funk Family under his wing. American musician, professional wrestling manager and sports businessman. Retrieved February 14, Their title win led to the split between Hart and the Natural Disasters, who as faces feuded with Money Inc.

wwe natalya gif wwe natalya gif

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Hart continued his war with his former tag team, the Hart Foundation.

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In the storyline, Hart, conscious of Beefcake's extensive facial injuries from a real-life parasailing accident three years prior which required extensive re-constructive surgery to Beefcake's face and all but ended his full-time career, felt that his team went too far, and tried to stop them. Around this time, Hart became known as "The Wimp", a nickname given to him by Lawler and chanted by fans, and was the subject of the song "Wimpbusters," which was sung by Lawler to the tune of " Ghostbusters " by Ray Parker, Jr. Disgraced-referee-turned-wrestler Danny Davis also was managed by Jimmy Hart.

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