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Everyone helped contribute to where we are today with the fandom in terms of faithfulness and respect towards the original material. But that really does sum up the fandom of that time. And there are other aspects of the overall presentation that are better than the Japanese version. If you are watching the English version, it appears that Dodoria fires at the Elder, but misses. Black wallpaper, you could hover your mouse over images to reveal uncensored screenshots? And the neat CG animations for the episode titles are often my favorite part of the episode! Confession Time: I hate Studio Ghibli.

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A Netflix rep encouraged this avenue of drumming up buzz quite enthusiastically, so this may just be the shot that works!!

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People are constantly being stabbed, crushed, blasted, pummelled, vaporized, blown up, decapitated, or otherwise brutalized, and I'm surprised that so many of these scenes have stayed intact. I re-read the site like a year back and saw some inaccuracies and weird, dated humor, fanboyish hyperbole and a general lack of nuance. Great translations, unbelievable picture quality, and stunning box art, that is, for all three of the releases so far, actually better than the originals. No reference to Planeta Namekusei or Maki Gero either.

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