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I've lived with you long enough to know that there's love beyond that tough exterior. But my breasts get in the way if I don't. After the second blast, however, he came as well. Enjoy It had been many months since Shen's defeat and The Dragon Warrior, Po, found himself in quite the predicament as he became more and more attracted to a tiger. Apparently he was doing it right by Tigress' pants and moans. But Po knew what she meant so he blinked. But it was short lived as he realized a problem.

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I'll help you," Po told her.

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Po had cooked many a delicious meal in the Jade Palace, but for some reason her mouth was salivating to taste his dick. She smiled and starting stroking the panda's rod. Tigress removed her hand from the door and moved back to the bed. Tigress looked into the panda's emerald green eyes and her heart softened, just a little.

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