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Lay her down, and work your magic with candles, music whatever gets her in the mood. My boyfriend was giving me oral last night. Then we came here and read this which helped a lot. Good Luck and stick with it. And all I was doing was rubbing my clit.

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To discover the origins of squirting and the fluid that is expelled during the act, French Gynecologist Samual Salama led a team of French researchers into a study of 7 women who recorded expelling up to a cupfull of fluid during squirting on a regular basis.

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The fluid was collected in a bag and tested, and the results revealed the continents of the fluid to be equivalent to the makeup of urine don't freak out fellas. Thanks for educating me… March 1, Reply. Its all a matter of trust at that point.

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  1. All these years? Pretty sure she was born in 1997 lmao