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I feel him pull my panties to the side. His lips hovver over my nipple, and he glances towards our son who is merrily feeding from me. His mouth explores my neck, then traces down towards my nipple again, which is slightly leaking. My legs then wrap themselves around his body, trying to pull him towards me. I moan, and take one of his fingers into my mouth. He plunges deeper inside of me, working his way gently further until he is inside me fully, and his mouth alternates between each breast, tugging and teasing my pink, extended nipples.

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I settle our son in its crib under a blanket.

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I settle our son in its crib under a blanket. At the same time, he reaches down to his trousers, unzips, and takes his length in his hand, re-positioning the head by my entrance. His mouth drinks me, while he fingers my other nipple so it starts to leak milk over his hand.

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