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So we've discussed about getting Flyna leaders even though the show ended. When you do think Flynas first kiss should happen? It is unclear if Chyna does, in fact, have feelings for Fletcher. Chyna and Fletcher always have each others back, and even though Chyna gets Fletcher in trouble he never gets mad at her and they seem to hang out a lot without Olive. He would act cool about it.

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Fletcher kissing Chyna out of nowhere and Chyna begins to have feelings for him.

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Westminster’s Best of Breed

Hospital PatiANT- Fletcher becomes deathly sick, and as he's on his death bed, Chyna holds his hand and kisses him, as he is dying, suddenly right before he dies, he becomes alive again, because he finally got his life long wish and they begin to date. After Chyna invites Nigel to go roller skating, Fletcher gets jealous and, along with Angus, devises a plan to sabotage Chyna's date. When Fletcher was clenched on Chyna's back.

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