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Photoset via audscratprophetlilith. This is an inclusive space for the celebration of all butch, futch, butch-femme switches, grrls, genderqueer, genderfluid and other likewise MTF spectrum folk out there! I have chosen not to list the ways in which these victims were killed, though that information is available. Always reblog Soaring Laverne. Feel free to share your own pictures or videos!

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MTF Butches

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Let's represent some butch trans women!

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The physical length of the post should serve as a visual reminder of the sheer volume of people who are murdered every year because someone else decided that they did not deserve to be a person anymore. The following is a list of the transgender people murdered worldwide in the past year. We believe this is only a fraction of the individuals who lost their lives to transphobia this year, as many murders go unreported or the victims gender identity is ignored.

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  1. I agree. She looks rather bored to be honest.