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Sorry, Howard the Duck and Silver Surfer. Your browser is out of date. This is special in so many ways. The all-nude fight scene has been a staple of literature since Eve asked Adam to bite into the fruit of knowledge and Adam said, "Make me. With nothing but his "little Iron Man" to help him, and a few well-remembered "training sessions" with Steve Rogers, Tony Stark smoothly kicks butt while his own is dancing in the breeze.

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The story has something to do with Catwoman stealing something, and running into an all-nude fetish club to escape Batgirl chasing her

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If you're into the twin aesthetics of decorative baroque and boys' pink bums, you can't do better than Burne Hogarth's Tarzan graphic novel, published in by Watson-Guptill. If you've got a naked fight scene you think we should know about, please let us know. Ah, those memories I can't seem to purge. You always wondered why Aquaman has such a devoted following—it's not just because he can breathe underwater.

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