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Tomorrow you're gonnae meet the Operation's tax farmer, who expects you to pay up for your key to the dark gates of toyland. But i don't count that one, because i read the book before too many times. Fabbers have their ain smell; not humming, like, but a goosh of hot plastic and metal. You have to wonder, though, don't you. The evidence is all over the screen of your lappie, which, fucking eejit that you are, you left online when you went inside last night. I have no other functional language with which to reflect on this as an issue, and certainly have no other language to talk to other animators or the companies technical support line with. A bit lengthy, but seriously worth watching beginning to end, deconstructing the very idea of "IP":.

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A Brief History of ‘Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah?’

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I can see the dud AAA bonds from the biggest banks in america doing it.

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That was then, this is now! This stuff isn't rocket science anymore, it's not hacking anymore, it's just illegal as hell because it pisses off the Money. His street slang is going to reflect his locality.

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