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We adopted these emerging tools to shed some light on the mating habits of the northern map turtle : a federally listed species at risk in Canada. One was about the size of an average female, and the second was slightly smaller than the largest female on record for our study population. The ubiquity and affordability of action cameras will surely yield many insightful observations about aquatic animals including turtles. Turtles Canada 3-D printing. These overwintering grounds also serve as mating grounds.

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These noticeable behaviours are crucial to the baby-making business of turtles and we know a fair bit about both.

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With many animals, when two males simultaneously encounter a receptive female, things get ugly if not lethally bloody. This may seem straightforward given the notorious sluggishness of the subjects. The decoys were identical in every respect except for their size. We are now able to inexpensively and rapidly produce anatomically accurate animal decoys.

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