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Why, we can't even take photographs of anything that takes place inside a black hole — if light cannot escape their immense gravity , then nothing can be snapped by a camera. Novikov proposed that a black hole links to a white hole that exists in the past. This explanation best fits with quantum theory — which says information can't be destroyed — and, if it was ever proven, it suggests that anything could escape from a black hole. It could follow the laws of physics present elsewhere in the universe, but even if it didn't go against Einstein's principle it would undermine quantum field theory or suggest information can be lost. One thing's for sure, this particular mystery is going to swallow up many more scientific hours for a long time to come. As it stands, theory suggests that anything which goes beyond the event horizon is simply added to the black hole and, what's more, because time distorts close to this boundary, this will appear to take place incredibly slowly, so answers won't be quickly forthcoming. Scientists have continued to explore the potential connection between black and white holes.

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But the friend falls right in, to a place beyond 'forever.

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Where Do Black Holes Lead?

Indeed, Thorne, who lent his expert advice to the production team for the Hollywood movie Interstellar, wrote: "We see no objects in our universe that could become wormholes as they age," in his book "The Science of Interstellar" W. Step forward Hawking once more. But it doesn't seem likely that wormholes exist.

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