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MORE: Breathing trick puts you to sleep in seconds. Slow cooker beef goulash recipe. Allergies can be treated, and anatomical blockages can be surgically corrected. A recent study published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation has found that sleeping with your mouth open can be even worse for your teeth than fizzy drinks. What to do if you're a mouth breather The bottom line is that if you breathe primarily through your mouth, consider seeing your doctor to determine whether the cause can be reversed. It can also be very uncomfortable.

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Abnormal swallowing Mouth breathing is related to abnormal swallowing because, when your mouth is dry, you are likely to thrust the tongue forward to swallow instead of closing the mouth. Mouth breathing is related to bad breath because the decrease in saliva reduces the mouth's abiltiy to self-clean, leading to higher bacterial flora. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Our fashion team's favourite long-sleeve dresses.

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